Case Studies

Picture 1103

Industry Floor Case Study


•A coating that would withstand heavy duty traffic from forklifts and vehicles.
•Fully watertight so that it could be easily steam cleaned
•Non Slip surface
•Can be laid at 20% moisture content
•Will expand and Contract with whatever Substrate Material is applied to.
•Minimal disruption
Picture 1105


•Supplied non slip highly durable surface.
•The surface is guaranteed not to Warp or Peel.
•The existing floor was repaired and sprayed directly on top of with no disruption to the factory.
•Ultimate Linings Floor Coating was applied to Cement,  Tiles and  Steel without the need to remove any of these substrates causing minimal disruption.

Picture 1918Equine Case Study


•Stables needed a coating that would last years and retain its look.
•Fully watertight so that it could be easily power hosed cleaned
•Able to withstand the corrosive effects of urea.
•No joints that bacteria could grow in
•Easily disinfected after visiting mares
•Soft finish so kicking animals would not hurt themselves from kicking out

Picture 1917ULTIMATE LININGS Ireland

•Supplied a 2 & 3 colour seamless finish that met every requirement.
•The surface is guaranteed no not crack or peel at any stage.
•Sprayed in the exact racing colours Kildangen.
•Ultimate Linings is tough enough that stallions will not damage the surface yet with enough give to protect the horses when kicking out.

Waterproof Parking Garage

w3Project Task

Repair and waterproof the below grade concrete
surfaces with a durable and
long-lasting coating.


•20 year Old 100,000 sqf uncoated concrete parking structure
•Water would pool on Levels 1 & 2 and leak down to level 3
•Vital that leaks were repaired and important computers protected from water damage on level 3

w1Solution & Results

•All damaged concrete was repaired
•Primer was then applied to entire area
•Entire area sprayed with Polyurea Total Waterproofing Solution.
•No Leaks Re-occurred

Harbour Walkways

h1Project Task

Pedestrian bridges and walkways connect buildings, streets and the harbor’s
entertainment and shopping districtsDue to high traffic, harsh
winters and the salt air, many of these walkways are falling into
neglect and decay.


2,400-square-foot bridge NEVER been coated.
•Showing heavy signs of wear and decay  from years of salt water intrusions and 
pedestrian use.

h2Solutions & Results

•Thorough surface washing to remove salts from years of deicing.
•Areas of damage or missing concrete were identified and repaired.
•Polyaspartic Base coat was then applied and coloured quatrz added to give both traction and decorative value.
•These restorative and decorative steps taken with this pedestrian bridge provided a large savings over rebuilding a new walkway.


Project Tasks

•Supply a rolled on polyasprtic non slip durable surface
•Fully watertight.balcony after
•Finished surface
•Seamless finish to minimize issues
•Minimum down time
•Polyasprtic coating under

Solutions & Results

•Supplied fully waterproof surface.
•Supply a rolled on polyasprtic non slip durable surface
•Ultimate Linings also matched the colour into the surrounding brick work
•The surface is guaranteed no not crack or peel at any stage.
•The non slip floor attractive floor means no need to tile the surface

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