Benefits of Polyurea

Polyurea Benefits & Advantages

•Environmentally Friendly, No VOC’s and No Odour
•Cures extremely fast (5 seconds to 30 seconds)
•Weather Tolerant: Cures at -25ºF to >175ºF even in High Humidity
•Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock
•High Abrasion, Resistance and Flexibility
•Waterproof, Seamless and Resilient
•Unlimited Mil Thickness in One Application
•Spray, Hand Mix and Caulk Grade Materials
•Excellent Bond Strengths to Properly Prepared Substrates
•Resistant to Various Solvents, Caustics and Acids
•Low Permeability, Excellent Sustainability
•Minimum Downtime

Performance Type Ultimate Linings Polyurea Polyurethane Polyester Epoxy
Working Times high middle/high middle low
Physical Strength low/high low/middle high high
Elongation high low/high low low
Abrasion Resistance high middle/high middle/high high
Chemical Resistance middle/high low low high
Adhesion to Concrete high low/middle middle high
Cure Shrinkage low low high high
Permeability low middle/high low low/high
UV-Resistance high low/high middle/high low
Temperature Limit high middle low/middle low



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